Impact projects

FIRSH, lawyers as citizens, supports and has developed a specific expertise on impact projects.

FIRSH specifically accompanies clients to the major challenges of the ecological transition and the circular economy, which gives rise to so-called compliance regulations in the context of their innovations and activities.

Objective 1:

Assist entrepreneurs and investors who develop and finance tech and digital solutions to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and responsible society.

Ojective 2 : 

Understand and accompany the company in a concrete way in the respect and application of all the new regulations called compliance.

Depending on the activity :

  • Be green tech: understand the issues related to reducing the environmental footprint of digital 
  • Be green fashion: to manufacture and market in a responsible and sustainable manner 

Our missions cover in particular : 

  • Compliance audit with recent laws on waste and circular economy  and “Climate and Resilience”
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) legal support with our dedicated partners, risk mapping and compliance with regulations related to duty of care and respect for human rights 
  • Assistance in drafting codes of conduct and CSR charters
  • Assistance in the drafting and negotiation of specific clauses in supply and supplier contracts 
  • Legal support in the fight against global warming and carbon neutrality, energy sobriety and renewable energies, as well as in the energy renovation of buildings and territories of the future.
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