Anticipating the future : Our innovation lab

Anticipating the future : Our innovation lab

Law and innovation have not always been spontaneously associated, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the digital revolution is not only technological.

The increasing digitization of our society has profound implications for social and societal practices, norms, public policies and international power relations. Digital technology also raises numerous ethical questions and it is necessary to better understand the changes in law in light of these uses of digital technology and artificial intelligence.

Technologies, and in particular digital tools, require a readjustment of entire areas of the law and of the ways in which legal professions are practiced in order to provide ethical and sustainable support to a new society and thus to clients.

To achieve this legal support of changes, it is necessary to associate law with innovation by proposing operational answers, adapted to technological, economic, ecological and ethical issues.

This change is also above all human.

The 21st century has a crucial need for leaders of a new consciousness: leaders, women, men, humanists, capable of revealing this new dimension, giving us the vision and leading us to it.

Law firms are also confronted with this mutation. We must also innovate the governance models of business law firms in order to be closer to and aligned with our clients, to better understand their challenges and to assist them with excellence and benevolence.

This is why we have decided to create an innovation laboratory within the firm, which is a real work and action space aiming at bringing proven solutions to various societal, organizational, scientific and technical issues related to legal and societal innovation.